The good in social media

Nobody can argue with the fact that social media has taken over the world. Anyone from the age of thirteen till adulthood can not claim something happened anymore if there is no evidence of it on one of the many many platforms there are nowadays. It is still possible to post on some social media platforms without a photo, but most of the posts’ focus is on a photo (paired with a few words as a description, and not the other way around).

I uninstalled Instagram a few days ago as an experiment (on myself, by myself). I expected to find that I will be more present in my life. The opposite happened. (*I know that this might just be me). I found that I worried less about the moment and I was less present. I used to be constantly looking around for photo-moments, without this motivation I didn’t notice my surroundings at all. And at the end of the day, I struggled to remember what I did with my day since I didn’t take note (take photos) of any of it.

Most people hate social media when they really think about it, but I think there is something good to it. Social media forces everyone to get in touch with their creative side through photography. For years photography was exclusively for photographers- and only certain people valued it. This is much like painting is nowadays, so let’s quickly imagine if suddenly the entire world had to paint to get across a message. Social media allows us to put a visual image next to our memories- and to get creative even with the dullest moments.

The “like me”-revolution definitely is not a good thing, but the eternal optimist that I am even sees the good in this. By caring whether people will “like you”, you focus on living a more intentional life- you spend less time alone at home and more time outside with friends. Trying to achieve a “like-worthy” social media profile pushes people out of their comfort zones towards the more photogenic things in life: nature, friends and coffee shops. All of these are healthy choices.


2 thoughts on “The good in social media

  1. I do believe there are pros to the cons. Like you said, it makes me look for good photo opportunities out there. What I will say is that it has also made me refrain from living in the moment at times… it has made me think about the best moment to take a photo instead of enjoying the moment. An interesting short post and has made me think of the best and worst of social media. Thank you 🙂


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